Saturday, September 26, 2020

Drastic Changes in Education System due to COVID-19.

    COVID-19 has taken place drastic changes in the todays education system from KG to PG.
     The online education system is flourishing well becuase of coronavirus. A one virus has changes the traditional educational system thoroughly.  Teachers needs to be taken more efforts regarding the lesson preparation, some are easily ready to adapt while some are experienced it difficult becuase if the pandemic would not happened so it clear that nobody will be ready to adapt online education system.
        There is a idiom that 'Time is a remedy for all the things'.  Like this some parent teacher and students thinks it's quite difficult but as time passes it will be common. 
         In traditional education system students role is somewhat passive.
These changes will help teacher students interactive teaching learning process. Digitisation of teaching notes, assignments, tests, learning management systems will help student - student descussion about the topic, critical thinking ability, multiple type of tests, easy and fast assessment process. 
         However on the other hand, the physical presence in some extent is ought to be necessary. Becuase practicals session has never be substituted by the online teaching learning process. 


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