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Requirements to Start the Certificate Course of Spirulina Farming, Production & Marketing


Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) is a winding molded microalga that normally fills in the wild in warm and new water lakes. It is a blue-green growth. Dried spirulina contains roughly 60-70 % protein, Nutrient A, B, and K. There are various advantages of spirulina. It has ground-breaking against oxidant, hostile to disease, and calming properties. It is additionally viable against pallor and controlling glucose. Inferable from every one of these properties, spirulina is considered as the present superfood.

Benefits from taking Spirulina every day

1.    It aids in recuperating wounds and brings down LDL cholesterol.


2.    It is utilized as a protein supplement for malnourished kids and grown-ups


3.    It is utilized in cows, poultry, and marine feed; in the medical services area; in medication; in restorative arrangements; and in sericulture and cultivation media.


4. Since Spirulina gives all the fundamental sustenance without an overabundance of calories and fats, those needing to control stoutness take Spirulina tablets.


5.     Spirulina is amazingly mainstream as a wellbeing food, with no results, and non-propensity framing.


6.     Contains the enemy of maturing properties.


7.    Contains simple to ingest iron enhancements ideal for ladies and youngsters.


8.     Improves stomach related wellbeing.


9.    It is additionally a brilliant mitigating, which is a fundamental advantage to joint pain patients.


10. High convergence of B Nutrients; which separate sugar and lipids as well as keep up cardiovascular wellbeing.


What’s requires to grow Spirulina?

1.     Spirulina pond- Cement ponds with 3-4 meters wide and can be as long as 100 meters.

2.     To cover the pond – A polythene cover or greenhouse.

3.     Specially made filters to recover the biomass

4.     Pulveriser to get the powder.

5.     Paddlewheels

6.     Motors

7.     Vibratory sieve

8.     Crossflow type tray dryer

9.      Packing machine

10.  Tablet press machine

11.  Capsule filling machine


Water necessities are the most significant advance to developing spirulina, and in spite of the fact that spirulina can fill in an assortment of sorts of high antacid waters the accompanying "fixings" are required;

Sodium bicarbonate (if direct CO2 is not available)

Magnesium sulfate

Potassium nitrate

Citric acid

Common salt


Calcium chloride

Iron sulfate

Ammonium sulfate    

Different offices required are;

Reaping bowls

Drying rooms or racks

A space to break down the Spirulina drops and change them into powder and additional containers.

Specialized Information sources

A lake 5 meters wide by 20 meters in length for 1 kg. Spirulina creation.


Sun-powered Board



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