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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Research Methodology

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Research Methodology 

                Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also called as Machine Learning.  It is a type of intelligence showed or performed by the machine.  On the other hand, natural intelligence is performed by human beings and animals. AI is the branch of computer science that develops intelligent machines that will work and think like humans.

                  In our daily life, we are using many types of artificial intelligence as a computer, mobiles, Alexa- is a virtual assistant AI technology developed by Amazon, different social media platforms, Plagiarism checkers, Siri, Google Assistant, Apple, Add Health, Podcast, Netflix, etc. 

          In the research field, there is also much artificial intelligence technology such as Turnitin Plagiarism Checker, Grammarly, Paraphrasing tools like Quillbot, Scholarcy, Ref and Write, ProWritingAid, various reference managers like Mendeley, Zotero, EndNote, Docear, Statistical Softwares like R Software, IBM SPSS. SPSS Amos, Stata, Matlab, Python, Minitab, etc. 


1. Plagiarism Checker Softwares - There are many free and paid plagiarism check software is available. However, free software is not so trustworthy to that extent. Turnitin, iThenticate, Urkund, and Plagiarism Checker are some excellent examples of plagiarism check software. Among them, iThenticate and Turnitin are so strong that they will catch all similarity index available online. 

2. For Proof Reading and Grammar 

For proofreading and grammar and sentence tense, synonyms, writing suggestions, and for many more ProWritingAid and after that, Grammarly is an excellent software they have add-in features to ms-word, google docs, email, desktop set up also available.  The thing is that ProWritingAid is costly than the Grammarly but having more features than the Grammarly as well. 

3. Paraphrasing Softwares - In research, writing paraphrasing is one of the most essential tasks. You have to paraphrase or rewrite the author's view in your own wording without changing the original meaning of the sentence. There are many free as well as paid paraphraser, and summarises are available. For example, QuillBot, it is the most popular paraphrasing software having many types of options such as concision, fluency, suggestions, creative with word flipper. It summarises with critical words and paragraphs also. 

   There is one more research paper summarise is available known as Scholarcy, it is online web software which makes a summary of research papers and makes it easy to read by providing highlights and convert the research papers into short fragments hence one's no need to read the research paper thoroughly it will be understandable by reading it once glance. 

   Apart from this, there is 'Article Spinner' is also available. 

     Another interesting paraphrasing tool is Ref and Write, there are at about 20,000-word phrases are available which gives you an idea of how to initiate the sentences from introduction to the results and description, conclusion part, another feature is word choice, self-plagiarism checking, and many more features. 

      In free paraphrasing software, there are Spinbot, These are some free paraphrasing Softwares. 

4. Reference Manager- The other most essential and essential software is the reference manager. 

Among them, Mendeley is free and easy to understand, after that, Zotero is also free but a little tricky than Mendeley. Docear is also a free reference manager. 

      EndNote is a type of paid software reference manager having advanced features than other free software. 

Reference managers help incorrect citation of the related research article and its references according to the desired referencing styles. 

      One can change 100s of referencing style by a single click. It keeps all your research papers permanently for future reference. You can make the changes manually in it also. 

          You can search by using the search option available in the reference manager or Google Scholar, Pubmed, etc. One can add a research article directly into the desired folder using the Web importer option of the respective reference manager. You can make different folders for your convenience and can add files, folders from your computer also. 

5. Statistical Softwares - For research data analysis, there is a requirement of statistical software in that IBM SPSS is quite popular and easy to use. 

After that, R Statistical software is also widely used, and open-source statistical software available free of cost.

Including these, many other software such as STATA, Python, Minitab, etc. are available. 





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